How is Fibonacci Used in Trading?

Fibonacci Tools Now we move into our first advanced price charting method, known as Fibonacci Analysis. Traders use basic Fibonacci retrace to find support or resistance in a trending market, and these key prices can help uncover hidden points of potential support or resistance levels not seen using basic charting methods. Most software programs or…

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What are Trend Analysis Methods?

Definition of Trend Trend Analysis Methods or Trend trading has transfixed traders for decades with the promise of rapid profits. Countless books have been written expounding the virtues and advantages of such an approach. In this chapter, we shall attempt to unveil the underlying characteristics of trend action and how to decipher pure price action…

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How to Draw Trend-lines & Channels?

Provisionary(Tentative) and Confirmed(Valid) Trend-lines. How to draw the trend-lines? A trend-line is created by projecting a line forward into the future drawn from two significant points. For uptrends, a line is drawn between two significant troughs and projected into the future, whereas for downtrends a line is drawn between two significant peaks and projected into…

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What Do You Mean By Dow Theory?

Dow Theory lays the basic foundation for modern-day technical analysis. Its premises underpin the very study of market action analysis and have withstood the test of time. In this chapter, we shall be discussing the basic assumptions of the Dow Theory and its relevance in today’s markets. Learning Objectives Understand the basic concepts and assumptions…

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What do Candlestick Patterns mean?

Introduction Mr Munehisa Homma from Japan is considered to be the father of Candlestick. According to Pring, 2014 Japanese Candlestick was introduced to the western world in the 1990s. Especially when Steve Nison wrote about it in his publication Candlestick Charting Techniques. He understood basic supply and demand dynamics, but also identified the fact that…

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A Quick Overview of Indian Stock Markets​.

The Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) and the National Stock Exchange(NSE) are the two major capital market exchanges in India. You can fetch the detail information from their respective sites & Why People Invest Or Trade?​ Everyone wants to save for their future in case of any uncertainty. But inflation is the key enemy of…

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