My Storyโ€‹

During my Electronics Engg. in the year 2001, I got some interest in the stock market as my father was about to sell some shares they were holding. In due time frame, I keep gathering knowledge about this financial field. Being an engineering background it was not difficult for me to grasp the concepts behind the stock market working.

I start my own business of electrical switch gears just after engineering and also carry my investments in the stock market. In the coming year when I calculate the rate of return from both business, I amazed by result through the stock market investments. From that day I took seriously this subject as my career and keep the focus on developing my personality towards technical analysis and Elliot wave.

As on today, I am an active trader with my investor profile attached handling my own closed group family hedge fund. I too involved in designing, back-testing & deploying the algorithms in AWS Environment for experienced traders.

During coaching this subject, I am committed to delivering full knowledge of my practical experience. Moreover, we stress on your efforts as you have to grasp each concept of technical analysis.

Qualified Lecturers

We cover all aspect of Technical Analysis in our syllabus. I am committed to delivering complete knowledge nor just tips & tricks which doesn't help you during the long run.

Best Results

We fulfil our promise of the best result by delivering the knowledge through practice after the course. This gives you an edge and confidence to implement it during your trading or investments.

Lifetime Support Program

We provide with a lifetime support programme to handheld you during a tough time of the stock market. We do keep updating you regarding the new trends in the stock market during this programme.

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